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    <b>ladydoge</b>; <font style='font-family: Arial; font-size: 8pt;'><b>rockdale, nsw</b>; last active: <b>05-May-2015</b></font> ladydoge; rockdale, nsw; last active: 05-May-2015  
    Das Haus Dogen Seeks Unshit tenant!!
    Household Details
    Household age range:        20-90
    Household gender:   F
    People in household:   Me and my partner
    Smokers in household:   Yes
    Household diet:   Not Important
    Household relationships:   Married
    Household disposition:   Not Important
    Pets:   I like pets
    Children:   No
    Detailed Description
    Our lovely flatmate departs back for England tomorrow, which means; "Das Haus Dogen" seeks awesome tenant!! Types of people that will have a good time : - You're a good human being. - You like cats (see above) - You are not cruel. - You love animals, especially eating them. - You can hold down a conversation. - You enjoy winding down with a wine or 5 after work. - Which means you work (or you study & you're subsidised / with a partner etc). - You have an eclectic taste in music. - You enjoy cinema, books, & interpretive dance*. - You like sharing, which exception to unchecked body odor.. - You enjoy cooking sometimes. - You enjoy fine dining, but understand that doesn't have to mean Arias. - You don't buy every ticket to your own rock-show; - You're not a narcissist (if you're wondering, if you have 300 selfies on FB, this is you). - You enjoy talking about real world stuff sometimes. - You enjoy talking about complete ridiculousness sometimes. - You won't fan over sometimes reconginisable friends of ours. - You're not awkward unless you're an exceptional geek &/or nerd who gets everything else here. - You're a geek &/or nerd (which means you're allowed to be a bit awkward, absolutely!) - You clean after yourself, but not so much that you get indignant if we're lazy from time to time. - You don't take trivial things to heart, I can & will be a painful person if you lack common etiquette. ****You don't smoke weed 24/7**** Common courtesy. I mean, really, really common stuff, ie; - You don't run around the house at 3 am unless you're about to be attacked by a space-goat. - You don't decide to clean your own mess after 7 days at 3am with a concentrated effort on smashing every single pot as loudly as you can at irregular intervals on a regular basis. - You help out with the cat. We don't care that it's not yours, just be decent, we're a household! - You're not a police. Types of people that will have a bad time : - You own TN's. (see above) - You own Nautica (unless you own a yacht). (see above) - You get an inferiority complex when you see the word "you're" - You think people are trying to be intelligent when they use normal words. - You ask to borrow money (unless you've been here for a while and we know you etc). - You don't pay rent or come come up with any number of heart-breaking reasons as to why. - You don't shower. - You go clubbing every weekend and come back shit-faced with groups of people (see above) - You're a junky (drugs are ok if you are ok, otherwise drugs are not ok) - You're clingy. - You think my attitude stinks because of any of this. I'm happy being me. If this all checks out to you, we can offer a furnished room in our penthouse apartment in Rockdale right on the train-line in the least shit area. There is a Spa, Pool, Sauna, Gym & roof-top area with astro-turf to get your tan did. We're close to Brighton Beach, 3 gyms, Rockdale Plaza shoping centre and lots of delicious restaurants close by, and your trusty local pub. We would like to think we're open minded. We're pretty ok with anything as long as you can keep your wits about you & have common sense. We thought lots of things were common sense before now, hence the exhaustive list. We own a completely awesome cat named Phoenix who has turned a good few non-believers in to believers. He's got personality and loves attention. He should never, ever become an issue for you, but if he does, don't expect us to care, because he's a cat. PM if interested. <3
    Room Location
    Suburb: Rockdale
    State: NSW
    Postcode: 2216
    Country: Australia
    Room Details
    Weekly Rent ($) 300.00
    Date available 06-May-2015
    Type of accomodation Apartment
    Is bond required? 2 weeks
    What is the period of lease? Dont Care
    Is the room furnished? Yes
    Private bathroom? No
    Private bedroom? Yes
    Walking distance to public transport? Close
    Flatmate Preferences
    Age Preference: 18-90
    Gender Preference: Dont Care
    Would you accept smokers?: Dont Care
    Would you accept pets?: No


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